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See how we helped different leaders of their industries to grow through personal branding.

Stephen Bruyant-Langer

top executive coach - author - speaker

Torben Scheller

CEO - Entrepreneur - Leader

Simon Leslie

ceo - founder - speaker - author

Yuri Alvarado

Founder - CEO - Creative

Matti Copeland

Executive search - speaker - CEO - advisor

Mette Bruyant-Langer

lawyer - Finance expert- ceo - coach

Kurt Mikkelsen

life coach  - influencer - director

Enrique Hernández

lawyer - mediator - negotiator - founder

Francisco Laguardia

financial advisor - investor - partner nsc

Henrik Karup Jorgensen

ceo - board member - change maker

Mette Rothmann

cco - leader - advisor - board member

Bjarne Schøn

founder - consultant - digital transformation

Miguel Hernandez

founder - winery master - enologist

Marie-Louise Holm

doctor - cancer researcher - PhD

Kylie Forseille

coach - entrepreneur - influencer

Louis De Winter

director - financial expert - speaker

Robert Kledal

ceo - board member - advisor - leader

Jakob Wulff Moeskjær

ceo - leader - board member - advisor

Koch - Finance Webflow template image

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